I love to read and watch movies. One of my favorite things is to sit down with my dogs and watch a great dvd or read a good book. Pixie and Roxie seem to perk up when the movies have dogs in them. Please enjoy my favorites.


Animal Wisdom and Animal Wise

Ted Andrews

Great descriptions of the hidden meanings of animals that appear in our everyday lives. I use these two books very often in my practice and daily life.

Behaving as if the God in All Things Mattered

Machaelle Small Wright

A great book about understanding who we are and what we can accomplish when we ally with nature.

Children’s Past Lives

Carol Bowman

Ms. Bowman assists parents to help their children to access and understand their past life memories.

Dying to Be Me, My journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing

Anita Moorjani

This is an autobiographical story about one woman's survival and incredible  healing experience through cancer. Before getting cancer, she was doing everything right and she learned that is not always the best way to live. This is a truly inspirational story.

Guardians of Being, Spiritual Teachings from our Dogs and Catss

Written by Eckhart Tolle and art by Patrick McDonnell

The Guardians of Being reminds us to stop, breathe deeply and enjoy the moment. It is a collaboration between  Eckhart Tolle and the Mutts creator, Patrick Mc Donnell. Great book for children, teens and adults.

Many Lives , Many Masters and Same Soul, Many Bodies,

Brian Weiss

Wonderful books about the healing power of past life memories. Dr Weiss is a great story teller and educator and has done a great deal to integrate Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy into a trusted  psychotherapy practice.

Medicine Cards

David Carson & Jamie Sams

A great set of cards to assist us in to create a meaningful connection with nature and our messenger animals.

Mutant Message Down Under

Marlo Morgan

One of my favorite books, I feel as if I learned so much about Australian aboriginal culture and myself just by reading this book.

The Healing Night

Rubin Naiman

Most of us tend to associate the night time with sleep. The hours after dark are so much more than that. It can be  a time of getting in touch with  who we truly are.

The Priest and the Medium

Suzanne Giesemann

The interesting and true story of a psychic medium Ann Gehman and  and her husband,Wayne Knoll, PHD., a Jesuit Priest.  Ann Gehman has assisted in solving crimes, locating missing persons, healing illness and connecting loved ones with deceased relatives.



It's an amazing fantasy film that may just become a reality in the not too distant future. It is worth it to see in 3D and on an IMAX screen.

Donnie Darko

What can I say except that I love this movie. I have seen it several times and find it interesting each time.

The Blue Butterfly

A lovely movie about finding a rare blue butterfly in the Costa Rican jungles. I remember traveling in Costa Rica and it brings back great memories of my hippie days.

The Letter Writer

Story of the power of old fashioned letters.