Peartree Barn

My healing practice is located in a newly renovated 125 year old barn in a small town in Central NJ that is still easily accessible by major highways and roads. It is in a quiet, beautiful setting that is reminiscent of Vermont. We are surrounded by the trees of a virgin hard wood forest.

In the spring of 2005, we began with the vision of building a new work and healing space for both my husband and myself. With the assistance of the Kane brothers, Kingston NJ Builders, we relocated an old horse barn to our property.

Throughout the construction, we emphasized the use of recycled, sustainable materials. We used as much of the old barn’s wood, rafters, lath and flooring as we could and then added the modern materials for flooring and insulation that we needed to make the structure more "green".

It doesn’t look much like a barn until you enter the building and see the post and beam construction of the four bents and all of the original stud work along the walls. In addition, we are using solar energy to reduce our dependence upon fossil fuels.

In terms of the name, we needed to remove a lovely pear tree from the construction site and decided that would be the barn’s name.