Do you feel that your life is not satifying enough.  Do you want to make a difference? Come and learn some easy ways to make changes in your life. If you are highly sensitive to the people and the environment around you, this task is even more challenging.

I offer the unique combination of a skilled counselor as well as a diverse offering of life change tools . Some of these tools are:

  • Hypnosis and meditation to change unhealthy patterns such as poor eating, insomnia and smoking 
  • Visualizations - assist in calming and relaxing the mind and the body 
  • Emotional freedom technique (Use of light tapping on our acupressure points to clear and heal our physical and emotional pains)
  • Past life regression hypnotherapy (A path way to access your own past life memories)
  • Creative art techniques (Use of creative techniques such as drawing painting and collage to access our intuition)
  • Crystal bowl healing (Creates a calm and relaxed state both inside and outside your body)
  • Reiki healing (Light touch healing work that assists in creating a healthier state)
  • Healing cards (Using nature and other beautiful imagery to access our intuition)