Audrey has handcrafted a “coping toolkit” for me that is brimming with techniques for dealing with everything from anxiety and daily stressors to long standing unresolved issues such as grief and abuse. Working with her in such a serene and soulful environment has given me the strength and courage to move towards a place of peace and overall wellness that I never thought existed.

Age 43

After many failed attempts to find the right combination of qualities in a therapist, I finally found them in Audrey. I was delighted to find my sexuality a non-issue for Audrey and she was very welcoming to both my wife and myself in couple's sessions. Audrey has a unique toolkit for addressing problems  which is why I have made so much progress. I continue to use the tools she has taught me daily and  as a result I find that my life is much happier, exciting and joyful.

Age 36

Audrey Oxenhorn has helped me in ways that other therapists could not.

I had been in therapy for several years before a friend recommended me to Audrey. I was looking for a new therapist because the issues that I had were just not being resolved by the therapists I had seen in the past. I wanted to get off anti depressants and take control of my life. Audrey was the first therapist that not only listened but gave me techniques to help me deal with my anxiety and depression. She also helped me to work out my issues so that I did not backslide into dwelling over them again.  I wish that more therapists did what Audrey does.

Age 35

My life has been profoundly changed since I began this healing journey with Audrey.  She is compassionate and possesses remarkable wisdom.   With her guidance and tender honesty I have been able to uncover and resolve past hurts and present issues that kept me from experiencing the joy in life I so desperately wanted.  There is no one I trust more than Audrey.

Age 52

As the past life regression hypnotherapy session began, I felt that I became very, very relaxed. It was a beautiful feeling. I want you to know that this was a very meaningful and profound experience for me. I never thought about reincarnation in the past. It is now very much on my mind, in a positive way. I would love to go through another regression with you after this one has settled down.

Age 65

I have experienced counseling in many forms over the years (marital, individual, grief, and family) but never have I experienced the kind of dramatic and lasting change that I have under Audrey's guidance. She has been a blessing in my life. Through her gift of clarity, she has the native ability to see through to the core of issues. With gentle love and great compassion, she has helped me to connect with my inner knowing.

Age 38

Audrey has brought so much positivity to my life since our first few sessions. I noticed that there was almost immediate healing and resolution that i was experiencing, and it felt wonderful to get to the root of my problems and to fix them in a creative and most importantly, healthy way. It amazes me how something so simple as talking to Audrey can do so much for one's life, so I am very thankful to have her to turn to in my life.

Age 23

"Even though Audrey came highly recommended, I was still a little nervous when it came to my first visit, but the rainbow triangle decal on the front door set my mind instantly at ease.  I knew this was someone I could be open and honest with; which would help her to give me the guidance and help I truly needed.  Sometimes my partner and I even have our sessions together, just because we can - Audrey's is a warm, receptive environment, and all judgment stays outside the minute you enter."

Age 31

Audrey’s deeply spiritual approach during our first passed life regression session was extremely helpful. We went back to the moment that my 18-month-old son Callum passed and together we injected peaceful and healing energy to that event. I felt tremendous peace after this session. The second session was another Past Life Regression to a life where Callum and I, my husband and a daughter lived together as a family. I saw a number of peaceful, beautiful and happy scenes of us as a family of four. I asked these loving souls to rejoin us in this lifetime. At the time of this session, I was not pregnant. Shortly after the second session with Audrey we became pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl  due in May 2011. Audrey’s calm and healing energy assisted me in strengthening and trusting the connection to my own deeply spiritual nature.

Age 44