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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Ocala and Sarasota, FL.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on co-creating practical and clear shifts in thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When we can create new neural pathways that are more functional and productive than the old habits then we begin to feel better. 

Cognitive behaviors can help children with academics, tests social interactions and sibling relationships.

When we feel better, we begin to do things that make us happier. We stop poking the beasts of depression and anxiety, and experience more and more moments of happiness and contentment.

Who wouldn't want to do this? 

What is Possible with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Come and learn some easy ways to make changes in your life!

  • Going deeper into the places where we are uncomfortable as parents

  • Remembering our own  passions before the age of seven

  • Reflecting on the people and places that have created the most discomfort and hence the most growth

  • Seeing our lives as our own creations

  • Speaking clearly and authentically

  • Taking responsibility for our actions

  • ​Loving who we are and who we are with

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