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Audrey Oxenhorn MSW, LCSW

Licensed Physcotherapist & Counselor

As a full time resident of Sarasota, Florida, I am happy to call myself a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Physcotherapist and counselor. As a licensed Social Worker, I can truly understand and support you and your family to easily and lovingly create peace and happiness in your lives.

During my 20+ years as a licensed therapist, I have been on a conscious healing path for my clients, and myself. I have developed multiple skills, so that when I meet someone new, I can accurately and quickly assess what is needed and provide the resources, knowledge and intuition required. 

I am a sister, mother and a Nana to two amazing grandchildren. I am focused, passionate, peaceful, irreverent, intentional, truthful, artistic, creative, experienced and think out of the box.

Welcome to my website and I look forward to speaking with you!

Certifications and Memberships
  • LCSW, Florida - License #15204

  • LCSW, New Jersey - License #SC00178500

  • MSW, San Diego State University, California

  • ACSW, Accredited Clinical Social Worker

  • NASW- National Association of Social Workers

  • Member of IACT, International Association of Counselors and Therapists

  • Ordained Non Denominational Minister

  • Herald Tribune Style Magazine

What makes me unique?

  • I value silence and boredom as important aspects of healthy living

  • I have a balanced view of psychotherapy combining the traditional and non traditional approaches - I am experienced and think out of the box

  • I believe that we need to integrate all of who we are when we do this work -- the body, mind and spirit

  • I believe that every child and family deserves an individualized approach to healing 

  • I believe these sessions can be uncomfortable and yet the process can be fun, enlightening, creative and fast moving  

  • I have a passion for creating a loving, healthy, boundaried, family system

  • I walk my talk

  • I fully believe in the work that I do and feel that it makes a big difference in the world.

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