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Often words are not nearly enough to describe our feelings. I find it very helpful to use creative art techniques to access them. Children are usually quite happy to draw out their inner most feelings. Adults are shyer about sharing their art and feelings. Usually in time, using the proper tools and a safe environment, both adults and children can express their sadness, anger, frustration, boredom etc. This unhappiness is often expressed in our bodies as well and that helps to bring the images to paper.


Only using verbal communication can keep us pretty static which is why change using traditional psychotherapy strategies is often limited. By stimulating our creativity, we change all aspects of who we are. Dreams are remembered more easily, images are more accessible, and life is more spontaneously lived.


As an artist, I often see things visually and use movies, television , books and art to explore images in our sessions. At times, I offer my art work as a way to see things more clearly.

I often ask clients to simply begin to put  colors, shapes,  and  words, on paper.

  • Cat Dragon, a dramatic shift in internal organization and general coping abilities. Age 11

  • As you see below, the 57 year old started very simply using colored pencils and then discovered that she loved using different media to express her unconscious mind. She developed quite quickly in her use of materials. Soon, she was bringing art work into each of our sessions.

  • The 9 year old’s drawings came  spontaneously  during our sessions. She loved to answer my questions with her drawings.  It was a wonderful and rich exchange.

ninja mouse_edited

Ninja Mouse Vs Pule Cheese Age 12 - 2019


Cat Dragon Age 11 - 2019

Swimming in the Sea of unconscious

Swimming in the Sea of Unconscious Age 57 - 2016

Fiery Mandala

Fiery Mandala Age 57 - 2017

Frustration and Thunderclouds

Frustration and Thunderclouds Age 9 - 2017

A Reading Wall So I Cant Hear My Mother

A Reading Wall So I Cant Hear My Mother Age 9 - 2017

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