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Two dogs

Interspecies Communication

All humans and animals have the ability to communicate telepathically with each other. 

One can communicate by being in person with the animal or through the use of a photograph. 

The human has to clear their mind and body for it to work effectively.

We can communicate through words, images, feelings, and knowing. 

Why would we want to do this?

Animals are very wise and smart and can offer us perspectives that other humans cannot. Animals are present-focused and humans are usually highly connected to their past or future. 
Animals want to talk to us. They feel that they have a great deal of wisdom to offer us that can radically change our lives for the better. I have experienced this over and over again.


Are animals talkative? 
Yes, like humans, some are great talkers and some offer a few wise words. They feel honored that their human companion is interested in what they have to say.

What is telepathy?
All humans have this innate ability to communicate with each other non verbally. Telepathy is a blend of two Greek Words- “tele” means distance and “pathela” means feelings. We can receive the information by feeling, seeing, sensing, tasting, knowing, and smelling.  Most folks usually have one or two senses are stronger than the others. Children under six do it easily until they are told that it is all their imagination.  Parents and babies are telepathically attuned as well. 

Are interspecies communications accurate?
The measure of accuracy is determined by the clarity of the human communicator and the animal talking.
Sometimes we cannot understand what is being communicated for a while, maybe weeks or months
If it feels right then it is right. If not, then it is not a good fit for you.

This information is a communication of the animal’s experience and does not replace the information that your veterinarian has given you. 

How is interspecies communication helpful in Counseling sessions?
Sometimes, you are so caught up in the day to day minutiae of living, that we do not see the bigger picture.
Sometimes animals display uncharacteristic behaviors and we want to know why.
Sometimes we are just curious.
Sometimes animals are in pain and they need help.
Sometimes they want to communicate that their human companion is in pain and they want to help them.
Sometimes there are big changes in the household that will affect their animal companion, ie. Physical move, birth or death, vacation.
Animals love to talk to us and often have a lot to say.


Recent testimonials:

"Audrey has been a godsend in helping me understand and help my dog Amber. I love my girl unconditionally, but my dog is the most complex and challenging dog I have ever adopted. I have had pet communicators speak with Amber in the past. Only Audrey has been able to access the problem and offer a solution, which included Amber’s input, with such detail, accuracy and results. It truly has improved my relationship with Amber and eased any concerns I had, so I can be the best pet mom ever! And Audrey has so much compassion and love. Trust me, both you and your pet will benefit from a session with Audrey. I (have) highly recommend her services!"

-Donna and Amber, 13-year-old-dog














"My two and a half-year-old cat, Fritzie, was not always eating his food. I was worried that he might not be feeling well or was not liking his food. Audrey had a “talk” with him, and Fritzie told her I should stop fretting about his food. He said “I like my food, and I’ll eat when I’m hungry.” He said he’s contented living with me. He also made it clear that he is not my “baby.” He said he likes my partner Rick because Rick “knows what it’s like to be a man.” I don’t call Fritzie “baby” anymore, I call him my “big boy” or my “little man.” Since his talk with Audrey, I’ve been more attentive to his rhythms and desires. I talk with him a lot, as I would talk with a person. He seems to like it, and since his talk with Audrey, he seems more relaxed and more attentive to me. We’re both content!"

-Linda and Fritzie, 3-year-old cat

"When Audrey spoke to my dog Lady, it really changed things for me. Not only did she get things from Lady that I had been worried about, but after Audrey showed me how to connect with her, I got some of the same information she did. It really stuck with me when we both heard the same things. As close as I am to Lady, it really helped me make my mind up and make changes for the better. I’m so glad I was able to get this unique experience and feel closer to Lady, but also more sure of myself and my decisions."


-Tori and Lady, 13-year-old-dog

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