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Animal Communication- Chatting with a Bichon Frise

What is it and why would we want to talk to animals?

I have always dreamed about talking to animals from the first time that I saw” Cinderella” to reading “Dr. Doolittle” to watching “Racing in the Rain”. They have so much to say and I wanted to know what it was. It is simply a technique for tuning into what the animal is thinking, feeling, and knowing. They are definitely smart, clear, and to the point. We are talking about all creatures, from a mouse and a honey bee to an elephant and whale.

The first time, I heard about AC (animal communication) was about 25 years ago. I was working with a 40-year-old woman with Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the home) who had a dog that needed to go for behavioral therapy Univ of Pa hospital happened to be about a 2-hour drive. She was coming to therapy so she could leave the house. People wonder why we are connected to certain animals…

She was also referred to as an animal communicator. The communicator said that her dog, a Bichon Frise had been kept in a closet for the first 24 months of its life. She was unsocialized and did not know how to connect with others. However, what she loved to hear were the words“good dog”. My client’s husband, also agoraphobic, was always telling her that “she was a good dog”. I was impressed.

The end of the story is that this little white dog brought understanding and movement to this challenged family and everyone got better.

The next time, I worked with an AC was with Nuggett, a two-year-old golden retriever. She was another rescue who only ate at midnight.

Stay tuned for Nuggett’s story and a little more about how it is done…

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