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Animal Reiki

Recently, I began taking an Animal Reiki class by Kathleen Prasad.

Kathleen Prasad states that “Animal Reiki is connecting with animals for peace and healing”. It is not religious. It is the blending of the energy from inside and outside of us. I often ask clients if they believe in something outside of themselves. They counter by asking me if this is about religion. And I say clearly no. It is the belief that something exists outside of ourselves. It can be a belief in nature, in the universe, in music, in spirit, in angels, etc.

At this point, we have interesting conversations about what it is they think about. This can be a turning point in our work together.

I believe that it is important to believe in something external to us. Without this belief, we can become very depressed and anxious. And these states are so understandable right now. There are so many stories about large numbers of people dying, cancer diagnoses, devastation of nature, shortages of food and money, etc. So, the belief that there is something bigger than us is very healing.

What is it that you feel strongly about apart from the material world?

Do you have kids and grandchildren? Do you love butterflies and fireflies? Do you love the

mountains or the ocean? Or perhaps you love the idea of fairies and gnomes? Perhaps you have a favorite tree that you sit under and think? Or do you have favorite musicians and albums?

Find things that you believe in and study them. Do some exploring of your world and find what already excites you. Sit quietly and allow your quiet, inner voice to surface. When I practice Animal Reiki, it allows me to connect with my beloved animal companions and quiet myself.

When we are quiet, we understand. And Everyone around us benefits. If you have additional questions about Animal Reiki, please ask me or go directly to the Animal Reiki website.

You can also take a look at Psychology Today's article about it-

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to find the quiet within.

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