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Are you ready to change your world?

As we wake up every day, we are aware that everything is different and yet we do not have the new rule book. The pandemic has created lasting changes in all areas of our lives. Change has been happening so quickly that we are being challenged to live in the moment.

In the past, our love of structure and guidelines has limited our opportunities and we get to change this paradigm. We can open up our world easily and gracefully. There are two major ways that we can change things. These are by choosing our actions and our words more consciously.

What would happen if we allowed flow to enter our lives?

Please Imagine that we are floating on a river and we have the option to go upstream or downstream. Or we can stay along the sides of the river or the center. If we stay by the side of the river, we are constantly aware of the sticks, stones, boulders, and other detritus. If we travel upstream, we are paddling all of the time. And if we flow down the center of the river then we use the least energy and have the most trust that things will work out for us.

Flow is another word for trust and letting go of how we think things should be. We are acclimated to structuring our outer world so that we feel safer. We are so used to struggle and doing things the hard way.

How do we float with the current and thrive in this world?

How do we create flow when it seems elusive?

We are aware that we cannot change the past or control the future. We can change this moment. Language is so important. If we imagine our words are like modeling clay and we are continuously creating our world as we speak.

Using phrases that reflect a peaceful experience of this moment is very powerful. Perhaps we can say:

In this moment, I am happy.

In this moment, I am floating down the river.

In this moment, I have got this.

In this moment, life is working for me.

In this moment, I am safe.

In this moment I love myself

In this moment everything is working out for me

And WHY does this work? Because we accept ourselves as we are in this moment, broken and whole parts. We have created this inner divide and we are the only ones equipped to whole it.

Happy Playing

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