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Big Feelings

We are living in a time when hiding is no longer an option. Social Media is demanding that we be transparent. We can run from it or we can embrace it. Since I grew up in the 50s, I learned to live in a world where everything was a secret.  In the 70’s I embraced the hippie culture since it seemed to be more open to change and self-expression. It didn’t last but we did start the free speech movement. 


And now with technology and billions of cell phones, we are talking about everything. 

It is time to talk about our own big feelings. We have lots of them. Let’s learn how to communicate them so that others can hear them. We can change ourselves and change the world. 

Parents of young children talk about their kids having big feelings. They encourage their kids to express themselves by saying do you need a minute. 

Adults need to share their own big feelings. Feelings are a direct expression of the work that we need to do to create healthier minds and bodies. Would you like to take a minute right now?

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