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Emerging from the Pandemic

Do you remember what it was like when we first found out about Covid 19? There was a tremendous amount of fear, anxiety, and not knowing what was next. We adjusted over time and created a whole new daily template.

We found ourselves with new home and work schedules. We began prioritizing our activities and filling it with what we wanted. And there were a lot of us who enjoyed the quieter slower pace.

After 16 months, we are beginning to emerge and we are scrambling to recreate our old lives and habits.

We can try but there may be some signs that we will need something different.

1. You are eating or drinking excessively and can’t seem to stop

2. You are really anxious about getting together with friends and family

3. You are having difficulty sleeping most nights

4. Arguing often with partners and kids

5. Our children are angry and out of sorts

6. Difficulty making day to day decisions

7. You are feeling depressed and uninterested in your ….

8. Still looking for a way to feel passionate and find meaning in your life.

9. You have experienced deaths and/ or births during the past 16 months.

10. You have been thinking about counseling for years and finally, want to ask for help

If you have some of these symptoms/habits then it might be helpful to talk to a counselor/therapist. We provide neutrality, new ideas, respectful conversation, successful techniques, and assistance in accessing and expressing your inside voice.

(the inside voice is that authentic voice that shows up in dreams, in anger, in art projects, while listening to music)

It is not enough to resume who we were but to actively create who you are right now. This is the challenge and the reward.

Whatever you choose, please be mindful of everything that you have learned during the past 16 months. It has been a stressful time and also it has been a significant time of healing and changing.

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