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Fairies, Hurricanes, Books and Dragons, Oh My!

Life is changing very quickly. We think that we know what will happen and then something else occurs. There are so many predictions, yet which ones do we listen to?

Hurricane Ian was supposed to go one way and it went another. The pandemic was supposed to end and yet it continues to transmute into something else. We think that we are supposed to live in a certain geography and then we move suddenly. We never wanted our children to be homeschooled and yet they are sitting in front of the computer screen. We buy our airline tickets for a vacation and the flight is canceled last minute.

Perhaps our safest bet is to prepare for change. If we always have our options open and welcome the shifts, then we have a chance of living our best life.

There’s provenance to everything. The only reason anything has a story is precisely because it moves on. "Books, paintings, houses, they all hold a trace, an echo of the people who once cherished them”, Hazel Gaynor, The Cottingley Secret.

Yes, I believe in fairies, dragons and gnomes and elves and forest folk and animals that talk to us, and children that are wiser than adults. Currently, we live in a culture that believes only in what we see. Perhaps this dramatic shifting is opening up the worlds so that we can see between the pages and view so much more.

I would like to see what I believe. I believe that things are getting better and worse. I believe that we are in the thick of monumental changes. And we can’t really decide that some changes are better than others. It’s simply changed. The next time, that you think that you know what should happen, perhaps you can take a moment and allow things to be.

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