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How to navigate today’s landscape easily?

I would like to share 15 ways to live more courageously and authentically in these times.

There are confusing messages all around us and yet a deep place of knowing inside of us.

Listen and then take action-

1. Pay attention to what your body wants. If you want chocolate, eat it...

2. Pay attention to your dreams as they are bringing in all kinds of resources.

3. Listen to your own counsel when making decisions.

4. Turn off the news as much as you can.

5. Talk about what is working often.

6. Go to sleep saying three things of gratitude.

7. Wake up saying three more things of gratitude.

8. Eat healthy and eat when you are hungry.

9. Laugh and joke a lot.

10. Exercise regularly and strengthen your core.

11. Sleep when you are tired.

12. Play and dance.

13. Stand in the grass or in the water often.

14. Take baths with Epsom salts.

15. Do kind things for yourself and others.

It takes thirty days to change a habit. If you choose to do two or three of these things right now, you can make a huge difference in your life by mid-May.


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