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Inner and Outer Wanderings

I don’t know what to say these days. I have been thinking about writing this post for days and could not find the words. Our lives have been cleared of the daily events that often made our past lives meaningful. I loved attending movies, theatre, music, museums and now they are inaccessible. So when someone says, "what is new?" I look away and dig deep for a response.

By necessity, I have come face to face with my inner wanderings.

I wonder about how I feel in this moment.

I wonder about the health and welfare of family and friends.

I wonder about the health of our political leaders.

I wonder about how I can change my life by saying and doing things differently.

I wonder if I switch my response when someone asks me how I am doing to…

I feel sad instead of- I am sad and I am going to read a book, send letters to encourage voters, and then take a walk.

I feel sick- instead of I am sick and I am going to make a cup of tea, soak in Epsom salts and go to bed early.

I feel depressed- instead of I am depressed and I am going to watch a funny youtube video, a romantic comedy, and then have a delicious dinner.

This response gives us the freedom to change our life, instead of feeling stuck in a label or box. When we can change something then we can move fluidly through the day. When we are boxed into an “I am statement”, change is slower.

Time to play with our words. We can easily make new neural pathways that create significant change. Become more comfortable with your senses and free up your conversation and life.

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