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Introduction to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - QHHT

I have been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years and I have been very careful to stay within the confines of the mental health structures. Often, I have felt like we are blaming humans for doing the best that they can in a very inhospitable world. We are so much bigger than we think and are told that we are. We are restricted to what is currently acceptable.

Perhaps, we are at a crossroads and life is about to get really interesting.

Some questions that I think about often….

Are the people hearing voices really psychotic?

Are we blank slates when we come into this world?

Do we live and die in one lifetime and that is it?

Perhaps we are as multidimensional as the shows and games that we

obsessively watch and play.

Are our dreams random or really clear communications from our


Are we victims in our lives or creators?

Are there soul mates or is it a romantic notion?

Are fairy tales real?

Are our illnesses and nightmares memories that need to be healed

from other lifetimes?

I have always had these thoughts and then I opened up a whole new world in 2013. I participated in a Past Life Regression Class with Dr Brian Weiss, at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, in Reinbeck, NY. It was a life changing event. I was sitting in a class with 125 students from all over the world and we were accessing pastlife memories. I remembered being a fairy. I felt it, understood it and saw the lifetime. I remember feeling that humans were not to be trusted and that they were often dishonest. I became really choked up with those thoughts.

Afterward, a class member came over to me and asked me what I remembered. I told him reluctantly and he said: “That was wonderful”. “I am a Buddhist and we believe in fairies. Then, I shared my story with other class members. There was a group of Latin X women and they were so kind. They asked me if I had ever seen a fairy and I said no. Come with us and we will show you. We went down to the Lake and stood in front of a beautiful tree. They showed me the fairy faces in the bark and knots of the tree. I was very excited and I have seen them ever since. These are photographs that I took in New Jersey of tree fairies.

It was like a light bulb went off and I realized that there is so much more to know. Then in December 2022, I was listening to a podcast by Lee Harris, and Delores Cannon’s name was mentioned. I had noticed her before but was not ready. I read that she had been helping people to access past lives on a deeper level than Dr. Weiss. I was ready to take the next step and follow my knowing. I signed up for the training in QHHT that night.

Since then, I have completed Level one training and I am halfway through the second level. There are three levels which include very intensive training and supervision. There is a demand for practitioners and clients all over the world. What an exciting time that we live in.

As I speak about this modality with clients and friends, I am finding that

most people are really interested in knowing more about who they truly are.

I am very excited about the shift.

Do you have questions that you have always wondered about?

Come and explore QHHT...

QHHT - What is it and why would I even think about doing it?

It is a marvelous healing modality that works.

It is possibly the new psychotherapy approach.

It offers healing on multiple levels.

It is a fascinating adventure.

It is a fast-track form of psychotherapy.

The client is in charge of their own healing.

It has the capability to heal stubborn issues.

It is a deeply restorative process.

It is simultaneously healing on many levels.

This modality is a genuine game changer.

QHHT was created by Delores Cannon and has been practiced for about 40 years. Delores Cannon used a combination of deep hypnosis, focused listening, direct connection to the subconscious, and the client’s questions to create a unique healing experience. The whole process takes up to 6 hours.

Be on the lookout for my next blog post regarding QHHT. We'll dive deeper into the QHHT process.

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