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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY

What are you doing and singing as you walk your world?

We are experiencing so much that it feels like we are living in Dorothy’s world...

Vaccines are coming soon…

Everyone knows someone close to them who has contacted covid.

We are facing the holidays with mixed feelings.

Kids are smarter and wiser than their parents but they are still kids.

Parents are acting out in ways that set poor modeling for their kids.

Risky and dangerous behavior has escalated among all ages.

Increased anxiety and depression among all ages.

Increased mental and physical illnesses due to the stressors.

And yet what I am seeing in my practice is.

People are reaching out for help.

More awareness that life is short and precious.

Willingness to do the work when they are guided by someone that they trust.

Animals are smarter and wiser than their humans and willing to give counsel.

Zoom works well since it gives both the therapist and client enough freedom and space to process difficult emotions.

Animals are showing up for us and are sharing their clarity and wisdom.

Folks are more aware that everything that they read has at least two sides.

Healing is happening in an accelerated fashion.

And sometimes you need to move on when things are not working.

We are all connected and more alike than we can imagine.

Spiritual-selves are becoming more evident.

Finally, how do we continue to keep our sanity during this time?

Take a minute several times a day and breathe consciously and deeply.

Say the words” at this moment I am fine”.

Use tapping to clear strong emotions.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings.

Ask for help.

Give help.

Connect with your animals daily.

Connect with your spiritual side and ask for help from your angels, guides, deceased loved ones.

Practice clean eating.

Reduce and or eliminate alcohol use.

Drink plenty of clean water.

Exercise daily.

Go outside and touch nature several times a day.

Laugh a lot.

Make your own list of ways to take care of yourself and do at least one thing a day.

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