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I Believe In Miracles

This weekend, my partner and I went out to dinner and the downtown streets were very crowded. Originally, we pulled into a public lot but it was $5.00 an hour to park. We pulled out and immediately found a free street parking place. A miracle, maybe...

I have been searching for someone to help with my low back pain for years. I have been to chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists. One day, I did yet another google

search and find Raifu. A dedicated, smart, and talented Physical therapist who actually sees and understands my chronic pain. A miracle, maybe…

I am listening to a client who wants to talk about her spirituality and her mental health. She is so grateful that I came up in the google search. A miracle, maybe…

Or perhaps you wake up and decide to take a different route to work and later find out that there was a massive pileup on your normal drive. A miracle, maybe…

Or a friend who passes out on a hike and she is near enough to a dirt road that the police can transport her easily to an ambulance. She finds out that she has a blood disease and gets appropriate help. A miracle, maybe…

What if we are always experiencing little and big miracles?

What if everything is a miracle and all we have to do is notice?

I know there is a proper balance between the physical and spiritual body. Sometimes, one or the other gets out of whack and we stop seeing the miracles. It takes the proper view of the world to see miracles. If we are too far up in the clouds or too far down in the dumps, we miss them. How do we right the balance? Paying attention to our physical body. If you don’t feel well stop and listen. There is always a small quiet voice helping us to get back on track. The distractions are compelling and yet the voice is always there. If it is negative or disrespectful, it is not your soul's voice. We always have free will and It takes discernment

to notice if it is helpful. Yoga, diaphragmatic breathing, walking, running, poetry, sitting

still, chanting, meditating with your animals, and Epson salt bath are helpful. So many ways to take a pause to listen to you.

Please listen. Your life is in your hands.

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