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Living Life To The Fullest

Miss Maisel – Living life fully

I had no idea that rescuing an animal companion from a shelter would be such a mind and soul-altering experience in Florida. From the very beginning, My husband Larry and I have had lessons about living and dying in Sarasota.

Miss Maisel brings joy, love, peace, safety, comfort, and understanding most of the time. Then sometimes, it’s like having a companion that is very unpredictable. We are aware that she completes our family. Yes, It has been both intense and expensive, and yet we are both kinder, stronger, and more resilient with her in our family. Maisel has already had a number of life experiences that would have put grey hairs on my head except that I already have them.

The following is a true story with Miss Maisel as the star. Since we live in a villa without a safe yard, we have been searching for outdoor space for her to run free. We asked a friend if we could use her yard. This friend has an older rescue dog named George. The dog has been friendly enough to me and my husband for about a year. Miss Maisel had never met him. My husband, walking Maisel on a leash, approached the dog cautiously. There was a tail wagging on both sides. Then a gate was removed and the situation turned life-threatening.

The dog lunged at Maisel and she attempted to fight back and then went limp. I think that at that moment she was ready to die. Dogs are much more practical about life and death. My husband, a native of Florida, is very knowledgeable about dogs and other animals. He immediately reacted by reaching into the dog’s mouth and forced his jaw open. George dropped Maisel and retreated. My husband fell to the ground in shock. Miss Maisel had a few light punctures but was safe. George was also safe. The following week, with the help of another Animal Communicator, we talked to Miss Maisel about this experience.

Her version of the story shows another perspective. (When I listen to her, I hear and see images, words, and feelings. I use the similar intuitive communication skills that I use with people except without spoken words.)

I heard Miss Maisel saying that she knew that this was not a good idea to visit this home, However, she was going to trust the situation and just got on with it. She was also prepared to leave the planet if that had been the outcome. Maisel feels that we have traumatic experiences so that we can clear a bunch of past traumas at one time. She was grateful for the experience.

She literally took what could have been the end of her life and made it into a positive experience. We did not report the dog or even get upset with the animal parent. On their side, the dog had a serious history of trauma and abuse and was safe for the first time in his life. My friend had also had some trauma and felt safe with her animal companion in the house. It was a great relationship but not for an exuberant puppy.

For me, I was able to understand Miss Maisel’s theory that there are no mistakes. Everything has value. She got value from almost dying. My friend was clearer about who to invite into her house and yard. My husband and I took the time to understood both sides. We were shaken by the experience until we were able to feel and see the bigger picture. And we are truly grateful for everyone’s safety.

Thank you for listening with your whole heart and mind…

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