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Maisel Steps In

Maisel is my co-therapist. I have often joked that If I step out of the office, Maisel will sit in my chair and offer counsel. She is a very smart 24-month-old puppy. She sits quietly in her Ikea chair in my office during most sessions. I find it very comforting and so do my clients.

The blessing of zoom is that my clients and I are both able to sit in our homes with our trusted companions. I have found that most people love this new way of working together.

Last night, I was working with a new couple who were requesting marital counseling. From the beginning of the session, Maisel laid her head on my heart, and body on my lap and stayed there for 55 minutes. This was the first and only time that she has done this. It turns out that her gut instinct was very good. The male partner was aggressive and antagonistic at the end of the session.

There are many benefits to virtual counseling. I really love doing counseling via zoom. I have practiced tele-mental health since March 2020 and find it even more effective than in person. We are both able to see the whole person. I get to see your home, animals, kids and you get to see mine. You are in the comfort of your home and that adds safety to the experience.

There is no travel time.

It is much healthier for both of us.

There is a genuine connection that happens more easily.

When there are cancellations or breaks, I have access to my home and can be productive by eating, writing, reading, etc. And that means that as your therapist, I am happier.


  • Finding a safe place to talk. I encourage you to be creative and use the car, garage, bathroom, closet, etc. It helps knowing that you can talk more freely.

  • Trusting your intuition. Because some of your senses are not available, you will need to trust your seeing, hearing, and knowing.

Maisel and I are a team. Please know that we are always working in our best interest.

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