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Manifesting What You Want In 2021

Thoughts become things. What we focus upon is what we bring into our lives. When we are seated with a counselor/ therapist, we often focus upon what is not working in our lives. It is time to change the focus to what is working in our lives.

Neuroscience is repeatedly telling us that what we focus upon happens. So it makes sense that if we repeatedly focus on what is not working then we will create more of it.

Then the question arises if I only focus upon what is working then how will I stop making mistakes. True and that's why we need more balance and conscious awareness.

When I work with clients, I ask them to tell me what is going on right now, both grace and challenges. Then we look at who's responsible for what parts of the story. At this point, I will ask you to imagine what you would like to change. Then the homework is to declare the small changes that you commit to doing differently.

I have created an 8-minute meditation below to assist you in manifesting your best life. Take the time to imagine 3 things that will bring you happiness, ease, and grace in 2021.

Click here to listen

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