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Ms. Maisel and 11 other Important Truths

Ms. Maisel is our sweet, feisty 7-month-old puppy and we found her on “Adoptapet” when she was 9 weeks old. Of course, we have named her after the Amazon series, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.

Both Maisels are quirky, interesting, funny, and smart. In the short time that we have had her, we have learned so much. She has had two near-death experiences, (NDE’S) had surgery for spaying, had parasites and heartworms, and finally seems to be settling down a bit. She is a master teacher operating at high speeds.

I probably need to explain. I have always had Golden Retrievers and loved their sweet attitudes and loyalty. Yet they were too well dressed for Florida. Their coat would be too intense for Florida. So we found a puppy that was listed, as part golden and part Labrador, in a Huntsville Alabama no-kill shelter. Ms. Maisel was brought to the shelter with her Mom and four siblings.

The owner of the rescue was a hero since she ran one of the only no-kill shelters in Huntsville, Alabama.

During the past several months, I have also been training to be an animal communicator. I can telepathically hear what animals are communicating with us. And It turns out that they are frequently chatting with us and we are not listening. They wish to create a mutually beneficial relationship with humans.

This is what I have learned from Ms. Maisel so far:

1- Take your time and observe carefully

2- If you try to communicate and you are not heard, hunker down and make the best of it.

3- If you don’t like your food, wait until it changes.

4- Take time away and create your own personal space.

5- Heal yourself as it is definitely possible.

6- Please say put your animal to rest instead of putting them down. It is more accurate.

7- Everything is co-created.

8- I am here to teach you to trust yourself and your knowing.

9- Sometimes there is a communication and a generation gap and sometimes you do not understand me.

10- I have important opinions, please listen.

11- If I am not paying attention to you, it is because I do not want to hear you right now.

Next time I will tell the story of Maisel’s first near-death experience. Please stay tuned…

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