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Our life as a Crystal Ball of Mirrors and the Herons' Birth Day

What we focus upon is what shows up for us. Each crystal on the ball reflects a fragment of our lives. Not all will be examined but it is worth the time to look at them.

A pair of Great Blue Herons have mated and successfully birthed their babies in front of my living room sliders. I have been watching the male and female heron mate, build their nest and then incubate their eggs since December 16th, 2019.

Did you know that they mate for the season and share the building of the nest? One forages for living or dead sticks and the other tucks it into the nest. They pass the material, beak to beak. The nest is built over a series of weeks. It seems to be a continuous process until one day the heron sits on the nest, all day and all night. The parents take turns sitting. It is remarkable to watch the herons hunker down during excessive wind and rain. They simply get lower and lower into the nest. We had very high winds this week and they survived. In fact, the day after the weather, the babies were born.

I have always been intrigued by herons. My love affair with herons began in NJ, at least 30 years ago, where they visited the Delaware and Raritan towpath. At times, they would fly or land within 10 feet from me and I was always reassured by their presence. One of the pleasures of living in Florida is seeing them daily. The crystal ball mirror fragment is noticing the animal totem meaning of following my own dreams and knowing. They are so smart, patient and single-minded. They simply do what they do.

What is your animal spirit fragment today? Is there a creature that has followed you for years? Is there a creature that has shown up in your dreams, daily life or in your cards? Do you notice certain animals crossing your paths frequently? Your animal spirit guides are another way to access your inner being. You can have more than one.

They can change over time and they aren’t necessarily your favorite creature. You can access the meanings by clicking on the following resources.

What is my spirit animal


The Book of Beasties by Sarah Bamford Seidleman


The Spirit Animal Oracle by Collette Baron Reid

All creatures teach us about being connected to our true natures. Please don’t have preconceived ideas that one animal is better than another. At one point, I had rats and squirrels as my totems. The rats actually indicated new financial prosperity.

Take heart and have the courage to follow your animal totem's wisdom.

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