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We call ourselves human beings and yet we are human doings. We are always searching for the next show to watch, book to read, game to play, next job, house, or relationship. We are so busy improving what is around us that we forget to take care of our inner selves. Yes, we are constantly being prompted by the world to do even more but do we really need to listen...

What if all of this doing is an inefficient use of our energy? It certainly seems to be. The more we have the more we want and the less happy we are. So what if we focused on nurturing our PASSION as the way to successful doing? We can source our doing by nurturing our being.

How do we find our passion?

1. By remembering what you loved to do before the age of 7.

2. Thinking about times in your life when you were really


3. Think about what we love about our friend’s passions.

4. Start browsing YouTube to find something that is

interesting. Take a deep dive into things that you find

fascinating and maybe have fantasized about doing.

5. Look at your bucket list and pick out something that you

can do now.

6. What did you want to do as a kid but your parents or other

adults said it wouldn’t bring in enough money?

Passion gives our lives deep personal meaning. Maybe it’s time to find it.

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