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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - How It Works

QHHT has been practiced for about 40 years now. It uses a combination of deep hypnosis,

focused listening, direct connection to the subconscious, and client’s questions to create a unique healing experience. The whole process takes up to 6 hours.

How It Works:

The session is scheduled at least three days before the appointment time. You are asked to come up with a series of 8-10 questions about your life, ie. What is my purpose? I have had recurrent dreams and want to know what they mean. I have mental and physical health concerns. I should be happy and yet I am not. I have incomplete memories of childhood and want to know why. I think that I may have met extraterrestrials, is that true? Why am I fascinated by certain countries and time periods? What can I do to be a better person?

The day of the session for the first two hours, the client shares about his life. You are able to talk about all the important parts of your life with a deep understanding practitioner.

It is incredibly healing.

Next, the client and the hypnotist talk about your questions. It is important that the practitioner really understand your questions and the important people in your life.

Next, the hypnosis usually lasts about 2 hours and you are in a deep state of theta consciousness. Usually, you are fully aware and simply in a deeply relaxed place. Everyone’s sessions are a little different. You might remember a past memory in this life or a past life or go to pure energy. The spectacular part is that you will be guided to go to the exact information that is needed. You are assisted by your Subconscious also described as the Source, God, or the Oversoul. It is a sacred journey that the Hypnotherapist guides and you are fully in charge. You will also do a body scan to help with healing mental or physical health challenges. Then the questions are offered to the Subconscious and often profound

insights are revealed.

After the hypnosis part, you are easily led back to the present so that you are alert and relaxed as you leave the office. I hope that you will consider experiencing this session. It is a beautiful way to go more deeply into your consciousness and create very profound healing in a relatively short amount of time.

The books that I recommend reading if you are interested are:

Five Lives Remembered by Delores Cannon

A Hypnotist’s Journey to Atlantis by Sarah Brecksman Cosme

Between Death and Life by Delores Cannon

Soul Speak by Julia Cannon.

Three Waves of Volunteers by Julia Cannon.

The whole process is like being wrapped in a warm healing embrace.

Please visit this page if you would like to contact me about QHHT.

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