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Quantum Physics and More Stories about Uncle Harry (1 minute read)

What would happen if we stopped telling our stories?

Everyone likes to list the grievances about other folks in their world. We are so passionate and sure that we are right.

However, every story that we tell keeps us rooted in the moment when the story was created. If we really want to live our lives differently then we have to stop telling our old, go-to stories. Sometimes, the narratives have a life of their own and have become our friends over the years.

In counseling, clients tell their old stories graphically and with great emotion. Often it is a powerful story but one that has been told many times. Each telling is like a cement block linking us to our past. Often, you have just spent fifteen minutes recounting something about Uncle Harry that you would not like to repeat. As Quantum Physics suggests we attract into our world what we repeat over and over again.

I would like to propose that we only tell untold past or current stories. These narratives are the windows that allow us to change the present. These are the stories that can lead us away from “insanity” and towards a more loving world. What stories would you like to start telling right now?

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