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Synchrony - What Lies Beneath Us

“Synchrony a state in which things happen, move or exist at the same time” as defined by Merriam Webster in 1848. This was my word dream last night. Most people dream in images, I often dream in words.

The day before my dream, the jackhammer incident happened. I asked my neighbor, Bob, a contractor, to redo my master bathroom. There were big problems with both the tub and the tile. I had originally asked him to do this back in the fall and due to a variety of reasons, it was slated for yesterday. Unbeknownst to him, the contractor that he had hired to re-surface his front yard showed up yesterday as well. They brought a jackhammer. What are the chances that a jackhammer would literally show up on the exact day that the tub needed to be broken up? Bob borrowed the jackhammer and made short work of the tub. I think that this " synchronous" happening occurs often and we are too busy to notice. We focus on what is not working and forget that it is only part of the picture. Perhaps, it is not even the most important part.

We don’t know the whole picture of the Covid 19 virus? We are just beginning to see parts of it. We definitely see the fear and panic.

Sometimes great changes bring great opportunities.

In the 70’s, I remember feeling like life couldn’t get any better. I felt so free and happy and I wanted to feel that way forever. Funny enough, what I wanted back then is still what I would like now.

  • breathe clean air

  • slow down

  • drink clean water

  • laugh easily

  • and enjoy my life

So let’s pay attention to synchrony. Let’s see the ways that our lives are actually working out. Maybe underneath this chaos is the future that we have been waiting for.

Every time that you get on the phone with friends or family, take a few minutes to express gratitude. Make a habit of it.


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