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The Age of Aquarius, transitioning from a Human Doing to a Human Being

What are you noticing right now? Are you aware that the external world is a mirror of who you are? What you notice is usually a part of you. The degree of anger that we feel is in direct proportion to the urgency that we need to look at this issue.

For example, if you have had the same dream for a few nights and do not act upon it. Then the dream might turn into a nightmare. Nightmares get our attention more quickly. Negative events get our attention faster than positive ones. Be aware of your attention.

Our unconscious simply wants us to do our inside work and will get louder and louder until we listen. If something is crashing through your consciousness right now, please listen.

What do you do when you come up against something that is a part of you that you do not want to look at? Previously our choices have been:

We blame the other

We refuse to look at it

We forget about it

We do look at it and then bury it

We start looking for a counselor

We just go on as before…..

Or perhaps I can stay in the moment with the thought?

Can I just feel what I am feeling?

Can I just breathe in the feeling?

Can I survive this feeling?

Can I take a step back from this feeling?

Will I die from this feeling?

Can I see both sides of this feeling?

Is it okay if I am angry, sad, miserable, anxious right now?

Sometimes we need counselors/psychotherapists to help us sit with these feelings and sometimes we can do it for ourselves.

Can I be flexible with my response?

Do I have to decide my response right now?

Can I agree to disagree?

Can I be easier towards myself?

Can I treat myself like I treat others?

Can I establish a different habit of self-care than the one that I grew up with?

The next time that you encounter an event or feeling that upsets you, take a moment and see if you can process it a bit differently. I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves with some support and out-of-the-box thinking. We are transitioning from human doings to human beings. This is all part of the bigger picture of the Age of Aquarius. Please be kind to your being.

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