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The Inside and Outside Story of Spaying with Miss Maisel

Every event has an inside and outside view. As a writer, there is the story and then there is the perception of the story. As a psychotherapist, clients tell their story to a neutral person who can weave meaning by sharing outside perspectives. As an artist, there is the painting and then what the viewer brings to it. The pandemic has focused a spotlight on our inside stories. Most of us live our lives more concerned with what is going on around us than inside of us. Then events happen that bring us back inside. As humans, our responsibility is to understand that there are at least two sides to every story and they are always shifting and changing to highlight what we need to learn at any moment.

Miss Maisel shared her experience of being Spayed on July 7, 2021. The outside story is that her Doctor suggested that dogs be neutered at about 6 months of age. Sometimes, shelters will spay them before they can be adopted. The shelter that Maisel came from did not believe in that practice. We decided that she would have the surgery at about 6 months. She did well in the surgery but the incision was slow to heal. It was red and raised for much longer than anticipated. Finally, we were told that she was allergic to the dissolvable stitches and we had to give her antibiotics to aid the healing process.

In an animal communication session with Miss Maisel, she told us that she was not happy with the decision to operate. She felt that she was too young and it would be traumatizing for her.

She reported that she was very aware of the planned surgery and did her best to communicate her feelings. My husband and I did not hear them or we were so focused on the surgery that we did not want to hear them.

During the surgery, she informed us that she intentionally left her body so that she would not be traumatized. There are many stories of folks under anesthesia leaving their bodies and looking down at themselves. They report hearing exact words that were spoken by their Surgeon. Again, she reported that she was aware of everything going on.

Miss Maisel took about 8 weeks to heal and finally the incision was healthy and flat. This was a big earning experience.

It is helpful to be aware that there are always multiple ways to look at our decisions. Whether we are making decisions about health care, schooling, food choices, animal welfare. Please take the time to consider other perspectives. We stand by our choice for Maisel’s surgery but we might reconsider the timing for future dogs.

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