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Things are better than they seem.

Our future is being created right now. Every step that you take and every decision that you make shapes what will be brought to fruition in the next six months. Every step can bring us closer to what we want.

What do you want? If we allow our future to be determined by what we are reading, our current conversations, television, and internet news broadcasts, then our future will look similar to what other people are saying and feeling.

If we turn off the news, speak about what is going right for us, focus on our health, laugh more, exercise more, eat well than that will be your future. Pay attention to what you are saying and doing right now? Now is the time to create our own future.

So... What is the language that you are using? Pay attention to the words and the repetition of certain words. I am so worried or I have this I can’t complain or I will figure this out I am exhausted or I will make time to catch up on my sleep Why not or yes I look forward to doing that. Things could be better or things are going well for me right now Happiness is a powerful construct. It is a deep, down soul feeling that all is well. Other ways to tell if you are happy… Your opinions matter You are doing things that you want to do You are saying I know and I have this You are regularly doing things that make you feel good You are smiling and laughing easily You are able to recover from all circumstances easily You express the full spectrum of your feelings without staying in extended drama Decisions are fluid and easy There is no single road to happiness. There are many paths and all of them begin with saying yes to our deepest yearnings. Start paying attention to your moments and everything will change. Mama Odie, the voodoo priestess, in “Princess and the Frog” sings these words from the song “Dig a Little Deeper”.

“When you found out who you are, You find out what you need”.

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