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Virtual Counseling Works!

I have been working 100% virtually for the past 7 months and it works.

Imagine, being able to step into your comfortable chair with your best canine or feline friend, pull a blanket over your lap, and begin to talk about your life. This is the world of virtual therapy.

Many of the aspects of seeking counseling have been eliminated by going online. There are no gas costs, traffic congestion, parking issues, or sitting with a roomful of people that might recognize you.

Besides that, the session begins as soon as you answer the Zoom or Facetime call. You can call in your kids or spouse if needed. You have access to information or resources that you might need in the session. You have the freedom and comfort to talk about private things that are more challenging in someone’s office.

On the counselor’s side, I have the comfort of my own space. I can eat or take a nap when I am hungry or tired. I have all of my resources right next to me. I work a little bit more in some ways. I am totally focused on when we are online. I am picking up a lot of information and not being distracted by the physical world, of sound, smells, and other people’s energy.

Perhaps, I sense you in a deeper way and that is why the counseling can often occur in a shorter time frame. I have worked with people for as little as three sessions and see amazing results!

With virtual sessions:

People come and go more fluidly.

There is less attachment to the office or person and more focus on simply changing.

We forget that we are spirits trying to be human.

We need sacred time and space to tune into who and what we really need. I feel that virtual work is a cleaner and more efficient platform to do this work.

Yes, there are some distractions with virtual work but much fewer than in an office. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that counseling is a fast, efficient, and powerful way to create positive change in your life.

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