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We all need magic right now

For me, Magic is changing form through intention and I believe that we are creating it every moment.

It is magic to simply get in and out of the grocery store safely and with kindness.

It is magic to bring in new clients when I am completely virtual.

It is magic to keep steady, loving connections with friends and family

It is magic to meet a new lover.

It is magic to really see yourself and notice who you are.

It is magic to tell your truth to a friend and the friendship continues better than before

It is magic to really hear what your dog has just whispered to you with a lick

It is magic to laugh so hard that your belly hurts.

It is magic to forgive someone after 10 years.

Our magical moments have often gone unnoticed in our busy lives. Now we get to see them for long stretches at a time because there are no diversions.

Right now seems like a good time to notice your own moments of magic. What did you do today that brought a smile to your lips?

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