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What is your new story?

What is your new story?

What lies beneath the surface of us?

Every day, we are receiving new information. Every day my feelings change from utter fear to this isn’t so bad to this is amazing. Sometimes, the full range of emotion is experienced in less than an hour. The following list of five is my current story…

1. This pandemic has been coming for a very long time. We have been waiting and preparing since y2k, or the year 2000. We were sure that major changes were imminent.

2. This pandemic is not going away any time soon. It is important to live each day to the best that you can because we are not going to be rescued tomorrow from it. We have a lot to learn and big lessons take time.

3. The earth is healing itself and becoming healthier every day. There are so many signs from nature about our renewed earth.

4. It is time to think for ourselves. Our decisions are really important. Everything is a choice right now. It all does mean something. The life that we lived was often decided by what others were telling us to do. We were so distracted by the news, business, money, love, sex and more money. Now our decisions are fundamental and lifesaving. Things are simpler and yet with higher stakes.

5. We are responsible for ourselves. Our lives are our business and other people’s lives are their business. This is a game-changer.

How do we change this game?

We start by stopping the stories that we have been telling about we are. Everyone has stories about parents, siblings, friends, and teachers that changed them forever. It is time to stop telling stories about the past and future and talk about what is currently going on.

Humans have been destroying me for the last two hundred years. They are doing it with chemicals, bad manners, and cruel actions. They are making such a racquet and using so many lethal products that all of the animals are getting sick and dying. I don’t know what to do since nothing is working.


Humans have become quiet right now. I am getting back my health. My land is greening, my sky is bluing and my animals are singing. Thank you. I am humming at a different decibel level right now. I am grateful for the changes. Please notice what you do in every moment and how much we affect each other.

What story can you change right now?

And how quietly can you listen to the earth’s new story?

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