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What is your true nature?

While sitting outside, I heard the rustle of the squirrel in the Loblolly Pine tree. Then I heard a hissing noise and looked up to see Corona fly onto a top branch.

For those of you who are familiar with my blog, Corona is a great blue heron who was born in this tree. She was birthed in February 2020. I was privileged to hear and view her growth. She fledged from the nest in May and she has visited regularly since then.

She is a beautiful young adult great blue heron. As she flew in, I noticed a squirrel quickly scampering out of the tree into the foliage. I Googled whether Herons eat squirrels and indeed they do. Then I heard distinctly "This is just in my nature". I have been learning about interspecies communication and I was delighted to hear these words from Corona.

And we have been practicing. I imagine her flying into the tree and often, within 24 hours she has appeared. Now, this may sound a bit over the top and I am convinced that we all have the ability to communicate with nature if we choose.

Then I started thinking about what is in my nature. We try so hard to be someone other than who we are. What if we just relaxed and became comfortable with ourselves. For example, I try hard to be more talkative and to tell jokes. I usually tell the punch line too early.

I could practice doing things differently but what if I am fine as a quiet, nonjoke teller who has other amazing attributes. Why do I push so hard when It isn’t in my nature?

There are so many unhappy people right now who feel that things are a mess. What if we begin to untangle ourselves by being who we are? Our current President is actually a great example of "it’s just his nature". We may not like it but he has never been any different than who he is. Maybe it upsets us because we are not being who we really are. If we go deeper, President Trump has shown us his true nature but without the wisdom needed to live kindly in this world. Right now, we all need more kindness.

Just a thought. I am going to take Corona’s advice and make peace with ME.

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