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Family Counseling In Ocala and Sarasota, FL

There are many reasons to family counseling including:


  • Communication

  • Trust

  • Social Media

  • Self Harming

  • Excessive Fighting & Yelling

  • Isolation

  • Substance Abuse

My Approach TO Family Counseling

Why choose family counseling?

Sometimes children and teens will act out by being furious and using self harming strategies.
Sometimes parents feel that their parenting strategies are not working and they are yelling too much.
Sometimes parents want to do it their own way and not in reaction to their parents
Sometimes teens ask their parents for counseling 
Sometimes, parents and kids feel that things will never change

Family counseling can be very helpful in these situations.
We focus on ways to communicate more effectively so that things can change quickly.  We can use a combination of modalities including : tapping, mindfulness, CBT and art. The sessions may include just parents, just kids, combinations of parents and kids.Family  counseling is custom created to match your family’s needs. 


I offer practical life changing tools for dealing with the everyday challenges that we encounter as a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, neighbor, pet parent, employee or employer and citizen of world.

Counseling for

Children and Families:

  • Children and adolescents can be highly sensitive to the people and the environment around them

  • They seem to know what they want at earlier ages and often they want to be different than you thought that they would be


  • In the next ten years, things will change dramatically in all areas of our lives due to increased technology and changing consciousness 


  • Babies and children are advancing more quickly as they go through the known developmental stages


  • Schools are not moving quickly enough to help our children succeed and thrive with all of these shifts 


  • Parents are asked to be responsible for teaching their kids new ways of being that they were never taught

  • There are so many financial and emotional pressures on parents that they do not have enough time or resources

  • Now, more than ever, children need adults to be truthful and often parents need support in walking their talk

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